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Car Breathalyzers Are Useless Without the Benefit of Rehab

Car Breathalyzers Are Useless Without the Benefit of Rehab

Car breathalyzers aren’t effective enough on their own.

6 Common Misconceptions About Adult Children of Alcoholics

6 Common Misconceptions About Adult Children of Alcoholics

Could our assumptions about what alcoholics pass down be wrong?

Dealing with depression after getting sober

Dealing with depression after getting sober

Depression may surprise you while in recovery. Here’s how to spot it and deal with it.

Is Bribing Smokers To Quit The Best Approach?

Is Bribing Smokers To Quit The Best Approach?

How financial incentive can help smokers quit.

Hey Recovery Heroes!

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Why do some people succeed in overcoming addictions while others relapse, at great cost to their health, their families, and even their lives?
The International Quit & Recovery Registry taps the insights and experiences of people who are in recovery from an addiction—whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or a harmful behavior. Sponsored by the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, the registry seeks to further scientific understanding of recovery and to inspire those struggling with addiction.

A Call for Heroes

The world needs heroes, people who have faced trials and tribulations and have emerged triumphant and ready to help others. The world needs heroes like you.

You have revealed your strength by deciding to help others after choosing to turn your life around. You have overcome adversities and found solutions that others can benefit from. You were willing to face the darkness from your past and have prevailed on your road to recovery. This, however, is not the end of your journey.

There are many people facing similar obstacles who need a hero to help them on their own path. You are that hero, not because of your own recovery, but because you are willing to give your time and share your experiences to the benefit those still struggling with addiction.

We are the International Quit & Recovery Registry, a project led by the Addiction Recovery Research Center, and we are calling for Recovery Heroes to help us help others. We need your help to advance our knowledge so that, together, we can help others succeed on their road to recovery.

Once a Hero, Always a Hero

The path to recovery is not easy and we understand relapse is often part of the process. Regardless of where you are in the recovery process, you are welcome as a member of our site and are encouraged to participate in our research!

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