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Rian Kays Shares His Experience Through Poetry

by Rian Kays

for the rest of my life, cursed with this disease
for all those who suffer, we just got to believe
believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do
so take a look in the mirror and ask,” do you see you?”
everyday and every night we hurt
wishing we were taken care of by a nurse
this morning I woke up, fell out of my bed
damn it!, wish I had some pills for the pain in my head
what ya’ll don’t know, is what ya’ll don’t see
the disease trying to take control, makes me want to bleed
past memories, shooting up all these cravings
I don’t want to use, I pray, I’m begging.
please strengthen me for everyday is a new day
but where’s my strength, when alls I do is lay.
no energy,no effort to be who I want to be
the life of an addict, can’t you see?
this battle has been won
the war my friend, will forever go on.
so now what are you going to do?
hold my head up high, and try not to get the blues!
no more smoking powder out of that pipe
I’m in the fight for my life.
I’ve come a long way, so u don’t got to judge
so when standing next to me, don’t give me that nudge
if u really want to know, I will tell
my journal, turned into a book, it might sell
my dreams now are back in sight
with help through the darkness, is that light
shocked and smiling knowing I did survive
through this disease, thank god, I am still alive.

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  1. I Agree with Californias attempt at Changing the Classifications of marajuanas usage and long as the law is clear that usage and possession is just that.if caught selling it illegally…three strikes are right around that corner…who wants too spend the rest of there life in prison? Exactly…

      1. I do, I experienced it. I lost a cousin to Oxycontin accidental OD. And I have met many individuals that are completely off Western RX pain pills, through the healing power of Marijuana.

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