Preliminary Questionnaire

To become a registrant of The International Quit & Recovery Registry (IQRR), we need you to fill out our initial research questionnaire that will enter your information in a secure database. If you have already registered with the IQRR, please enter the same email address that you used when registering before into the field below. Once you are finished with the initial questionnaire you will be directed to the account creation page, where you can become a member of our website and complete additional research assessments.

If you have previously created an account on the IQRR website, log in or send us an email if you have any problems. You can find our email at the bottom right of the page or under the About -> Contact menu.

Please do not create multiple accounts on IQRR. If you have forgotten any of your information, you can email us at To see additional terms of use click here.