Sign up for the Social Interactome!

Will you help us help others by signing up for the Social Interactome?


The International Quit & Recovery Registry has begun our exciting next step in the field of addiction research, and we need your help!

The project is called the Social Interactome and we are examining how social media interactions will help people recovering from alcohol, opiate, or stimulant addictions.

We completed the first part of this project and are now opening recruitment for the newer version of the study. The new Social Interactome is a 12-day study designed to increase positive interaction between you and other participants like you who are in recovery from different substances.





(Note: If you’ve already created a profile on , please log in by clicking on the “Login/Register” tab and start the Interactome sign up process by going to “The Social Interactome” tab and clicking on the “Sign Up for The Social Interactome!” link.)


You must complete the following steps in order to participate in the Social Interactome:

  1. Complete the Initial Recovery Hero Questionnaire – you will be one of our Registrants!
  2. Create a profile on – you will be a website member and have access to IQRR member-only features continuing after study completion! You must be logged in to your IQRR account to continue signing up for the Interactome so if you are an IQRR member, please log in to the website first and go to “The Social Interactome” tab on top of the page and click on “Sign Up for The Social Interactome!” link. (if you are not logged in, this link will redirect you back to this page)
  3. Sign up for the new Social Interactome study by:
    1. Reading the consent form and choosing to participate in the study
    2. Filling out a W-9 form for tax purposes and so we can send you a reloadable debit card through mail
    3. Filling out an initial questionnaire to answer some general questions about you and your recovery status
    4. Notifying us via email when you receive your reloadable debit card (ClinCard) in the mail so that we can load the card with your signup bonus
    5. Wait for the study to begin when you will receive your login credentials via email

Please share our study with other people in recovery.


* The website functionality will work best with the most recent version of Google Chrome with limited add-ons and therefore we recommend it for use in this study.