Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between completing the Recovery Hero Initial Questionnaire and becoming a member of the website?

The Recovery Hero Initial Questionnaire is completed only once and your information, including your email address, is entered into the International Quit & Recovery Registry. This step must be completed before you can sign up to be a member on Signing up to become a member of the website allows you to complete additional Research Assessments and interact with other members of the website.

What is a Research Assessment?

Research Assessments are additional tasks that can be completed any time after registering and creating a user account on the website.

How do I change my e-mail address that I used to sign up for the registry?

Go to your profile page, click Settings below your picture and then click Edit. Change your email and click Save changes.

Can I change my handle (visible username)?

Yes, go to your profile page. Click Profile below your picture and then click Edit. Change your handle and click Save changes.

How do I change my password?

Go to your profile page and click Settings. Enter your new password and then press “enter” again to confirm. Click Save changes and your password is changed!

How can I unsubscribe from receiving future e-mails?

Please contact us at

How can I look for other Recovery Heroes?

After you have become a member of and when you are logged on, you can click on the Members tab and view the activity of any member that has chosen to be publically viewable.

What is a badge?

A badge is an achievement token that you receive when registering to become a Recovery Hero and when completing additional Research Assessments. Each badge earned is specific to an assessment completed.

What are the benefits to completing Registration and Research Assessments?

There are no direct benefits, however you will receive badges to display on your profile page. In addition, you will be helping the scientists at the Addiction Research Recovery Center further understand the recovery process. Recovery Research Rewards (RRR) are a newer feature of our website and are earned with every assessment completed. You can earn 200 points if you complete an assessment the first week it is posted. Otherwise, you can earn 100 points. For every 3 assessments you complete, you will earn an additional badge and an additional 100 points! If you complete all 12 assessments in the Garden Series in 2015, you will be entered to win a $100 amazon payment with at least 1 in 100 odds! You can redeem your RRR's at anytime by clicking on the "Redeem RRR's Now" button on your profile. We will provide you with an Paypal payment where 100 points is equal to $1.00.

Is the information I provide on this website secure?

The information you provide in the initial Registration questionnaire and the Research Assessments is confidential and stored on a secure University server. The information on your profile page, however, is available to other members of the site. You have the option to hide your activity, however other users will still be able to see the handle that you create, not your name or email, so please remember this when creating your handle (see question 4 on how to change your handle).

How often will new research assessments be available?

New Research Assessments will be available for completion at least once per month.

How can I contact the IQRR?

You can fill out the contact form under the About contact tab or email us at

How do I delete my profile?

In order to delete your profile, you must first log in. Then you must click on the link to your profile which is your user name. click settings at the far right, after forums. After you have clicked settings there should be three sub-menus. Delete Account is the right most sub-menu. Click Delete Account and you will be presented with a warning, a check box, and a button that says "Delete Account". Click the check box and then click delete account.