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“I didn’t get myself sober, I have been gifted with sobriety from God, and I continue to prosper and grow spiritually, which is the answer to this body-mind-spirit malady.”

“I have a disease that wants to kill me and is willing to go to any lengths to do so. I must go to any lengths to prevent this from happening. I am forever more, grateful for the people who helped me have faith again in a higher power and something greater than myself.”

“In November 1996, I had a proverbial bombshell dropped on me. I was sitting at home one morning having my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and beer, and I got a phone call.”

“Upon reflection I always drank alcoholically, no control, blackouts every time, all it took was one. Had to learn humility, honesty, compassion for others, change my perspective to one of one day at a time!”

“We each found a vein on each arm and shot it up knowing it would kill the baby inside me and might even kill me. I was okay with both of those happening.”

“I thought that if I had enough dope to make it for a few days, then that was being successful. Today my success is measured by how well I’m doing inside.”