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I had my last drink on Thanksgiving Day, 1973. I went to my first meeting that night, and picked up my white plastic poker chip with some dimes taped to it to make call from my new list of friends. There was a death in the family that night. A drunk of 17 years stumbled […]

“The only way out was to begin to listen, ask questions and begin to trust. To trust my mentors and take their advice. I accepted and understood what I brought to the table and took responsibility for my actions.”

“I am an A student by the grace of God, and I put my all into my work no matter what the task or requirement is. I reflect back to the 92 pound near death mess I was upon my final surrender to alcohol and drugs.”

“Thank you who saved my life – and gave me a new one. Others may have done it themselves, I couldn’t, and I didn’t. I didn’t know how to.”

“. But most of all it just seems I outgrew the desire to drink. I always liked the bars but I was growing tired of “going out”. Today I feel great and have full custody of my 15 year old son.”