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It’s no secret that exercising regularly can relieve stress, boost your mood and body image, ease depression and anxiety, and improve other psychological issues. Working up a sweat also can help you kick a substance abuse habit – and new research provides insight into the neurobiological mechanisms behind this positive effect. Click here for the […]

Researchers from the Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience are teaming with the University of California San Diego and the U.S. National Institutes of Health to develop a drug — now in its earliest stages — that can treat certain types of chronic pain without the addictive consequences of opioids. Click here to read the full […]

While any food is good for your recovery, certain whole foods are especially good for early recovery because their nutrients can boost brain health and mood, alleviate some of the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal, and speed the healing process. You can click here to read the full article from US News. Share this: […]

Society must take collective responsibility to reduce the harm caused by alcohol use disorders, a University of Otago academic says. She argues that by reducing the levels of overall consumption, we have the opportunity to reduce harm to others. Read the full article by clicking here. Share this: FacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditemail

Cannabis use is riding high on a decade-long wave of decriminalization, legalization and unregulated synthetic substitutes. As society examines the impact, an increasing disparity has become apparent: the risks are different in females than in males. You can click here to read the full news article. Share this: FacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditemail

A growing body of research has unearthed the therapeutic benefits of alternative therapies such as yoga, art therapy, and massage for people recovering from addiction. As illustration, consider some of the more common holistic features of many current rehab programs and the science behind their effectiveness in this article from US News. Share this: FacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditemail

Young people in England aren’t just drinking less alcohol – a new study shows that more of them are never taking up alcohol at all, and that the increase is widespread among young people, suggesting that this behavior may be becoming more acceptable.¬†You can read the full article from ScienceDaily here. Share this: FacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditemail