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August’s monthly assessment is available in the website!

August’s Fruit Series Assessment (Lemon Assessment) is available now. Its purpose is to help us learn about your decision making in various scenarios. This is a special assessment through which you will be able to earn up to 1005 additional RRR points based on your performance during the task. You have to be logged into your website account to access it. You can click here to sign up to IQRR if you haven’t already created an account with us.


  1. I Agree with Californias attempt at Changing the Classifications of marajuanas usage and long as the law is clear that usage and possession is just that.if caught selling it illegally…three strikes are right around that corner…who wants too spend the rest of there life in prison? Exactly…

      1. I do, I experienced it. I lost a cousin to Oxycontin accidental OD. And I have met many individuals that are completely off Western RX pain pills, through the healing power of Marijuana.

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