The International Quit & Recovery Registry


Launched in September 2011, the International Quit & Recovery Registry seeks to understand what allows people to succeed in overcoming addiction, whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or harmful behaviors. Led by Warren Bickel, PhD, a world-renowned addiction researcher and director of the Addiction Recovery Research Center of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, the registry taps the insights and experiences of people who are in recovery from an addiction.

On a confidential basis, these Recovery Heroes provide scientists with information about their addictions and their paths to recovery. They may also be invited to participate in studies aimed at understanding how addiction affects the brain. This research may involve the completion of online questionnaires, the undertaking of web-based behavioral tasks, or participation in more in-depth studies at the Addiction Recovery Research Center in Roanoke, Virginia. As the scientists learn about recovery from the Recovery Heroes, they will share those findings on the Registry website.

Regardless of the level of their participation, all Recovery Heroes are encouraged to share their stories, to offer hope and inspiration to those struggling with addiction.

The Registry Team


Warren K. Bickel, Founder and Director

Sandesh Bhandari

Alex Bianco

Brian Brown

Prashant Chandrasekar

John Crawford

Ed Fox

Chris Franck

Kirstin Gatchalian

Justin King

Micky Koffarnus

Patsy Marshall

Lara Moody

Derek Pope

Amanda Quisenberry

Bob Reese

Sarah Snider

Jeff Stein